About Capoeira Arte

Capoeira Arte History

The group was founded on 29 of April 2000 in the city of Piracicba – Sao Paulo – Brazil, who’s founder was Master João Eduardo Schnor (Master Gambá) degree in Physical Education from UNIMEP (University Methodist of Piracicaba – Sao Paulo – Brazil) has a philosophy to preserve the art of capoeira play in all social levels, while respecting the origins, for the strengthening and enhancement of Capoeira in his character, dignity and self-esteem and self-Etym.

The group Capoeira Arte is a non-governmental and non-profit dedicated to research, development, and share the martial art of capoeira and its cultural aspects with integrity and to use capoeira to ignite positive change in individuals and in communities.
Currently the group operates in three countries, providing social inclusion, quality of life and access to culture.

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